Rocca Rosa will wait for you for both lunch and dinner. There is no BAR service.

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There are two large rooms inside with 60 seats and, in summer, a lovely terrace and a covered gazebo for a total of 100 seats with views of the valley below: the beautiful location and the position of the outside tables allows to enjoy the pleasantly fresh and remarkable scenery. The village and the hotel offers a family atmosphere, small and cozy, a place where it is a pleasure to stay for adults and children.

The menu has been created researching and keeping the old traditional and local recipes, following the changing seasons, to offer a range of proposals for lunches, dinners. The raw materials and cured meats are selected with ancient wisdom from Enzo, husband of Chiara, from local producers.




Guests staying at one of the rooms in Brugnello will find in the morning a rich breakfast with homemade pies and cookies, and bread with jam or honey and biscuits.

Appetizers (average price per person 8-10 euros)

The local cold cuts are the main dish, starting with the cup Piacenza, the Culaccia - salted pork with crackling served with butter - salami, bacon and ham from Zibello, accompanied by savory pies.


First dishes (average price per person 10-14 euros)

You have to taste the delicious "pinoli", a sort of elongated green gnocchi, homemade dish of ancient Ligurian origin, served with tomato sauce and, in season, with mushroom sauce. Typical dish from Piacenza are "pisarei e fasò": bread dumplings with bean sauce and tomato. Of course there are tortelli stuffed with low-fat ricotta and herbs served with butter and sage, pillar of Piacenza cuisine. The black truffle and porcini mushrooms are the true kings of the kitchen of the Trebbia valley, that from June until autumn lend themselves to accompany delicious and fragrant rice, homemade noodles, braised stew.

All the pastas are homemade by the skilled and experienced hands of Chiara.


Second dishes (average price per person 12-20 euros)

Within second dishes the proposal ranges from spinacino, boneless chicken stuffed, to filet with green pepper, black truffle and gorgonzola, from the roast of veal with milk, to the strips with balsamic vinegar, to braised beef with mushrooms. In the cold season, the highlight is the wild boar with polenta, expertly frollato with fine herbs to the point of making it light and delicate by the skilled hands of Maura, a collaborator of Chiara and a great connoisseur of the local cuisine and territory. During the hunting season, from September to January, they are served venison: hare and wild boar.

All the meat comes from local farms.


The desserts (average price per person 6 euros)

All the homemade desserts range from classic tiramisu, to the almond cake, the delicious frozen desserts with fruits of the season, from the chocolate cake, to the angel cake with zabaglione, from fruit pies, to the pear cake with chocolate, to the apple pie with custard, from crisp ice cream, to the chocolate mousse.


Wines (average price per 1 liter bottle 12-40 euros)

It's good and careful the proposal of the wines that prefers those of the area: Gutturnio, Bonarda, Malvasia.



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